Why not to buy tapes from ThugNiggah@aol.com

Im from Chicago and im gonna be tha 1st to tell you not to fuck with Chi Town niggaz...Unless his name is JaMil Williams (Thugniggah@aol.com). If ya can, FUCK HIM UP. This nigga e mailed me about tradin some unreleased Pac tapes. I said ok, so we worked out a trade and shit. I was supposed to send some tapes, he was supposed to send me some videos. Everytime i talked to him he kept sayin shit like "you aint gonna trick me right? Too many niggaz tricked me" and i said hell no cause I aint like that. So I trusted him. I bought tha best quality tapes to record his shit on cause the shit he wasnted wasn't the best quality. Plus they only had 74 minute tapes so I had to make 4 tapes and it cost me mad $$$ for postage. So I spent about $15 on him plus I sent him his tapes. When I was makin this trade he was online all tha time. Since than i aint seen him once, and my nigga ripx2pac@aol.com, who thugniggah also jacked, tells me that he sees thugniggah sign off every time he signs on. Sounds like hes avoiding us. So its about a week since i sent his shit, and he told me he sent mine. And we both live in Chicago so it shoulda been here a day or 2 after I sent it. And ripx2pac has been waitin even longer, even though he don't live in Chicago. Plus ThugNiggah stole my theory and put it on his weak ass web page without giving me credit. But I aint worried about that his page wont be up much longer. This niggaz a bitch. And to ThugNiggah, if ya readin this, me and my nigga gonna get you fucked up. Your PO box and your web page are gonna be down nigga. You should be scared. WE HIT EM UP BITCH!!!!!

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