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What I think about the Alive Theory

I have gotten a lot of e mail from people who are mad at me for posting my theory on 2pacs death and saying that 2pac is alive. I have read lists of alive proofs, and people have told me alive proofs in E mail. ALL of the alive proofs that i have seen have either been bullshit rumors, did not make any sence, were VERY easily explainable, or were just coincedences that dont mean anything. Ill admit that for a while i did believe that he was alive, but than i realized that all the proofs were shit and I just did not want to admit that Tupac Shakur is no longer with us, (And neither is Makaveli.)I have made a list of about 20 alive proofs and why each of them are wrong, theres a link to it later in tha page. I will post more proofs and disproofs in the future For now, if yuo have any alive proofs that arent on that page please just e mail me (CaSHx187@AOL.COM) with any of the alive proofs and ill tell you why they are wrong. Read my theory for the truth.

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