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First, I wanna introduce a new possibility for Pac's killer that I recently found out about. On a Mobb Deep B-Side called Crime Pays, Prodigy of Mobb Deep says the following: "You tried to test my patience, but son i got something for ya, i creeped on your weakness, then came to california, my crew loadin nines, screamin now its past your time, on the border (Vegas) where we stood, anxiously awaiting your richous crooks, H (Havoc from Mobb Deep) slammed the door of the caddy, blaze the blunt & load the daddy, drove past your fuckin sign, what was yours suddenly became mine, shattered the window with the nine, killin bitches is a must, not a crime" This definitely sounds like they're claiming Tupacs death. Much props to my nigga (The realest N.I.G.G.A i ever met online) for tellin me about this, One Nation nigga!! Im still stickin with my theory that Suge set Pac up, but I definitely think this Mobb Deep thing is an interesting possibillity. Second, The Niccolo Machiavelli/Tupac section that i told yall about a few weeks ago has been delayed a couple weeks, im workin on it whenever i got time but I been hella busy lately. Im also planning to edit some of the sections like the Life Story section cuz i made them when I first made this page, and didnt know as much about Pac as I do now, so their might be some incorrect info or shit that i didnt know yet then that isnt there, so keep checkin back. Eastsiiide/Westsiiide/Down south/Midwest ONE NATION!!

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