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Tupac's Life Story

Here is a summary of 2pac's life and death: When Tupac was born on June 16th, 1971 his mom, a member of the Black Panthers was in jail for bombing. When they got out 2pac's family went to Harlem, where his mother began using crack. She sent 2Pac to the baltimore school of performing arts, where he wrote his first raps under the name MC New York. He than moved to Cali and helped Digital Underground. His first Solo album was called 2Pacalypse now. This album included hits like Trapped and Brenda's Got a Baby. It also had some cop and government dissin lyrics which cause Dan Quayle to use the album as an example of rap that should be outlawed. 2Pac came back with more of the same on Strictly For My Niggaz. Some people said that it was a bad album, but I think that 2pac was experimenting with the new sound that he used for the rest of his career. 2Pacalypse Now sounds completely different from the rest of his CDs. If ya look at the thanks on Strictly For My Niggaz, you can see what 2pac thinks of Dan Quayle. He was arrested for shooting at a cop that was abusing a black man but charges were dropped. He also starred in Juice, Poetic Justice and Above The Rim. He than made a CD with a group called Thug Life consisting of 2pac, Syke, Macadoshis, Mopreme, and The Rated R. Soon after, he was shot in NY after entering a building. The security guards who shot him sent him on an elevator to Biggie Smallz and Puffy Combs. The police came and he left the hospital before he was supposed to. Rumors that he lost a testicle in the shooting are completely untrue. Later he was convicted of rape. Although i don't approve of rape, this charge was just shit.2Pac was in a club when he met a woman, who was dancing with him. She seduced him by sucking his dick on the dance floor. They went to the hotel and fucked. The next day she said she wanted to see Pac again so they went to the hotel. While they were in there room a few of Pac's friends came in and raped her while Pac tried to stop them. She just tried to accuse Pac also because he was the rich one. 2Pac's third solo album, me against the world, showed a much more mature 2pac and had a lot of sad songs from the depressed stage in 2pac's life. After 8 months in jail Suge bailed him out. He put out a double CD called All Eyez On Me which was his best selling CD. He also starred in Gridlockd and Gang Related which will be out this summer. On September 7th 1996 he went to a Tyson Fight with Suge. He saw Orlando Anderson AKA Baby Lane, a crip who had tried to snatch 2pac's death row chain once. Suge and 2pac's bodyguards beat baby lanes ass. After leaving the fight they were on their way to Suge's club, Club 662. Pac stuck his head out of the sun roof to talk to some girls and was shot from the side. 12 bullets hit the car, 4 hit Pac.Suge turned the car around and brought Pac to a hospital. Tupac had to have a lung removed, but 7 days later on September 13th 1996 at 4:03 PM, 2Pac died.

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