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Little known facts about Makaveli

1)Tupac's given name was Lesane Crooks. He was the sone of Afeni Shakur
(government name Alice Fay Walker) who was one of the defendants at
the Panther 21 trial.

2)Tupac studied drama at Baltimore's School For The Arts, where he 
rapped under the name MC New York.

3)At the Baltimore School of the arts, 2Pac met Jada Pinkett, who 
would become a close friend of 2pacs

4)Tupac Amauru Shakur was named after an Inca Indian chief, Tupac Amaru 
means Shining serpent and Shakur means thankfukl to god in Arabic.

5)When Tupac was 12 years old, his mother enrolled him in Harlems 127th
St Ensemble where he played Travis in "A Raisin in The Sun"

6)While he was with Digital Underground, someone once shoved a 12
 gauge shotgun in 2Pacs face because of a dispute over a girl after
Pac appeared with digital underground at a Martin Luther King Jr 

7)The meaning of the individual letters in THUG LIFE is 


8)Tupac said that because of his moms ties with the Black Panthers,
 the FBI was always after him and his family.

9) Tupacs first appearence ever was on Digital Undergrounds Same Song 
where he raps wearing West African war clothes in the video.

10)Porn Star Spontaneous XXXStacy, whos been in mags like Portfolio
 and Players has a tatoo on her arm with Tupacs name and the title of 
 the song "Keep Ya Head Up."

11)Tupac has a huge cross on his back that says Exodus 18:11 a 
reference to where the bible says Now I know That the Lord is Greater 
Than All Gods because he delivered the people from the hands of the
Egyptions when they dealt with them arrogantly.

12) Tupac started his career on Tommy Boy Records with Digital 

13)Tupac was first inspired to rap when a friend of his was killed 
while he was playing with a gun. His first rap was about gun control.

14)When 2Pac first moved to California he was homeless for 2 years.

15)In the movie Juice, where 2Pac plays Bishop, 2pac said the now 
famous line "Yeah Im crazy, but you know what? I dont give a fuck."

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