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CaSH'S Opinion on the Ea$t/We$t rivalry

AFter Christpher Wallace AKA The Notorius BIG was killed, i felt that i had to put down what i think about all this east west bullshit. Tupac will explain in his upcoming album One Nation that the rivalry was between him and Bad Boy Records, and a few other rappers who happened to be from NY. There was no rivalry between him and the state of New York. And Biggie had every right to be mad at Pac, Pac fucked his wife. 2Pac said it best: "ITS NOT ABOUT EAST OR WEST. ITS ABOUT NIGGAZ AND BITCHEZ, POWER AND MONEY, RIDAHZ AND PUNKS". We gotta stop this violence we already lost 2 very talented rappers, and if 2pac had lived he was gonna get out of the rap game and really change the world. He wasnt like most gangsta rappers. He had strong opinions on a lot of things and was a very smart man. He coulda been the next Malcolm X or the next Martin Luther King if he had lived. Once again Pac said it best. "All brothas that change the world die in violence. I just hope i have time to change the world before i die". He didnt. I dont think Pacs murder had to do with the rivalry but i KNOW that the NY shooting of 2pac in 1994 did, and Biggies killing probably did.Plenty of rappers have said that they wanted peace but as long as we buy this east/west shit theyll still talk about it becasue they want money. If we need to fight, 2pac thought of a good way to end it. Instead of using guns, the east and west can both put together an album with all there best rappers and whoever sells the most wins. But we dont need to do that. Lets just have peace. We could have a lot better rap. Picture Pac rapping with Nas, Snoop with Mobb Deep, Dre with Wu Tang, Ice Cube with the Fugees. We could have that if we stopped this violence.

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Tupac fans know what I think about da east/west rivalry

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