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My 2Pac Picure Gallery. Click the description than click save as when it loads to download it

2pac sittin in a chair lookin up:
tha famous Tupac mural:
2pac puffin a blunt:
2pac being interviewed:
2pac in black and white:
2pac drinkin by the ocean:
2pac from poetic justice:
anotha black and white pic:
2pac on the cellphone:
2pac with words from Young Niggaz:
2pac in a wheelchair after he got shot in '94:
2pac from the all eyez on me inside cover:
2pac in army gear:
2pacs face in a circle:
2pac from the cover of a magazine:
2pac performing at club 662:
2pac and snoop from an MTV award presentation:
a tight pic of 2pac rapping:
Pac in a white backround:
2pac walking in a Kani shirt and gold chain:
2pac being arrested:
2pac and Snoop:
2pac spitting at the camera:
2pacs face in front of a map:
A small but tight pic of 2pac:
2pac from CNN news:
Vibe cover with the Death Row clique:
Pac givin the finger to the camera:
2pacs name on a gun:
the last picture of 2pac ever taken:
2pac looking up:
2pac in a yellow backround, i think from Above The Rim:
Pac gettin in the limo when he got out of jail:
A cop holdin Pacs death Row chain:
2pac, i think hes being brought to jail:
The Makaveli album poster:
Pac with smoke comin out of his mouth:
Snoop and Pac from an interview:
2pac in a black backround:
2pac wearing red:
from tha All Eyez On Me photo shoot:
2pac with his killer, Suge Knight:
Thug Life album cover:
2pac with his niggaz flashin Westside:
2pac rapping:
2pac looking back:
2pac in a green hat:
2pac in court:
2pac and snoop again:
Pac in front of a house screamin at someone from I Get Around Video:
2pac in a car from the cali love video:
2pac in front of a pool:
an RIP pic with Pacs face:
2pac from Juice:
2pac and snoop from MTV:
Pac in a wheelchair:
2pac as a baby:
All Eyez On Me cover pic:
2pac in a chair:
anotha pic from tha all eyez on me photo shoot:
2pac from Poetic Justice:
a tight Tupac and Wu Tang image:
2pac from Gridlockd:
2pac screamin "five 0" from Gridlockd:
2pac from the Me Against The World photo shoot:
A huge picture of Pac from tha all eyes on me photo shoot:
A TIGHT picture of 2pac rapping:
Pac in a white bandana:

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