Special thanx

First, i wanna thank all my niggaz on AOL who helped make this page possible RIPx2pac, thanx for everyting you done to help, Nate (THUG4LYFE)- i aint heard much from you since ya left e mail me sometime, TuPacx187-thanx for everything, JD Bastin-thanx for keepin me up to date with all the 2pac news, hatianjack-thanx for the tapes, and everybody else who i forgot ( thats a lot of people) e mail me ill put ya on this. Peace to all my niggaz and niggarettes at home in Chicago, i aint gonna list all of you 'cause i know im gonna forget someone, yall know who you are. Peace to all my niggaz down south in Florida, i know i aint seen some of you in a while, stay in touch though. Peace to my boyz from NY and NJ if ya reading this e mail me, I think thats it i probably forgot a lot of people, dont get mad at me, if ya knew me youd know i aint good at remebering shit. oh yea, thanx to everyone who has a link up to this page

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